The Instrument
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Ten Horizons

In Ten Horizons sound and movement collide in a mental journey through body, objects and space. Divided into four scenes, the piece opens with set choreography and navigates through improvised music and dance materials, underpinned by a structural coordination. A "work station" is situated in the centre of a room around which physical, vocal and sound-body interactions take place. Musician and dancer confront each other through physical encounters and precise improvisational choices.

The materials of the piece, feedback, kinetic sound, precise gestures, bordering on imperceptible - atmospheric fluctuations, to almost overwhelming surging sound / movement coalesce into a singular energetic landscape, as they are improvised and oriented between scored cues - beginnings, endings, transitions. Ten Horizons is a charged work of dance and music, with a maelstrom of visceral energy at its core.

visibility of eternal vantage points
while the body is an internal image of ourselves –
abandoned sites are mental events
trailing audible traces

choreography and dance: Maya M. Carroll
sound and performance: Roy Carroll
light: Emese Csornai
co-produced with ArtBlau Braunschweig
premiered at Kinitiras Studio, Athens, September 17, 2014

further performances:
Studio C de la B, Ghent (2015)
La Société des Curiosités, Paris (2015)
Improvisation Xchange Festival Berlin (2015)
Tmuna Festival, Tel-Aviv (2015)