The Instrument
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er er er

An exchange project between The Instrument and Companhia de Investigação Cênica, evolving around Brazilian traditional drumming (Curimbó) in the state of Pará, north of Brazil. Following a rich encounter with two dancers from the company in Berlin, we were invited to create a group piece in Belém - the capital and largest city in the state of Pará. Absorbing life and culture in the gateway to the river Amazon, Fader speaks straight from the hearts and guts of the performers whose love of music and traditional rhythms is striking and powerful in their movement.

This cave
under concrete boiling
beneath all titles
sweet and cruel,

Here we bend rules
here we speak softly
to the sound of a drum

Peeling layers of dust and sweat
naked to the bone
we turn back innocent

and when our mouth is full
with purple milk
night fades out
and day fades in

duration: 45 minutes
choreography: Maya M. Carroll
sound installation and music: Roy Carroll
carimbo: Edson Santana
dance: Ícaro Dos Passos, Danilo Bracchi, Marluce Oliveira, Marina Trindade, Michele Campos de Miranda, Andrea Torres-Lopez, Milton Santos de Jesus, Patrick Mendes
costumes: Anibal Pacha
production: Cia. de Investigação Cênica
premiered at: Teatro Waldemar Henrique, Belém, November 23, 2013

photos: Marcelo Rodrigues