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Landscape Songs


Landscape Songs
Landscape Songs is a collective gathering, a walk through a pathway in nature; involving silence, singing, dancing and playing music. The idea for this project is inspired by the Aboriginal tradition of Song Lines; with gratitude, respect and deep concern towards protecting and preserving indigenous wisdom and ancient knowledge all around the world.

Landscape Songs stems from an honouring and love of nature; through our songs, music and tradition. It is an invitation to a meditative state, a quiet listening and a joy of sharing our human story as a creative tribe.

As the pathway begins, songs are sung throughout the entire walk. The songs can be telling stories of the past, present and future, or be purely melodic without words.

Every participant of the walk is invited to sing a song while walking: they can prepare a song in advance or improvise one. The deep meaning of the songs is in their melody and rhythm. Every language is welcome.

The pathway is divided to two parts: the first walk which arrives to a location where a circle is formed (the dance circle) and the second part of the walk; after the circle set has ended, continuing the line of songs until the end of the path.

We walk in silence, avoiding conversation, commentary and speech. The only human voice we hear, is of the one who is singing. Our ears, eyes and hearts open to the Landscape.

Idea and direction: Maya M. Carroll
Collaboration and artistic input: Maria Sanchez Alonso, Margarita Papazoglou, Jonas Marx, Jan Youssef and Roy Carroll
Map drawing: Jonas Marx

The first Landscape Songs walk took place on Aegina Island on February 6th, 2022.