The Instrument
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Spin Tuner responds to two years of isolation, restrictions and power control over mass population in the name of science. A state of neurosis under which the body and mind are in a constant vacuum of fear and pressure; propagated to live and think by rules that deny the essence of living. Within a spin of rapid changes, a medieval figure portrays the struggle for purpose and independence, as she races against the many voices that speak to her and through her; making sense and making no sense at all.

A spinning wheel for unheard voices
For the listeners
The unafraid; those who are here to tell
In the name of the departed
Yet unsilenced

choreography and dance: Maya M. Carroll
music: Rockets for Kary Mullis by Evan Parker
made in response to a commission from the Sons d'Hiver Festival
headpiece: Federico Polucci
stage photo: Adriana Nikosia

premiered at EIX Festival, Cardedeu, Spain, 31st July 2021