The Instrument
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Temporal, Terrestrial

Temporal, Terrestrial is a series of performances, initiated by The Instrument in collaboration with creators from the field of music, dance and visual art. It unfolds single encounters, a focal point of passion and artistry shared between disciplines and artistic visions. Each performance is a blueprint, a manifestation of collectively directed sound, composition and imagery.

The aim of this series is to create and activate a dialogue between stage artists who have developed the richness of improvisation beyond conceptions and frontiers. Constellations and locations vary in each performance, and are co-produced with local artists, production partners and venues. As an artistic platform; 'Temporal, Terrestrial' is also a mirror of culture and community, by instigating dialogues which come together as an urgent collective expression. Its main fascination is anchored within this exchange, between identity and surroundings.

Temporal, Terrestrial launched its first edition in Brno, at the Brno House of Art, August 23rd 2018, in coproduction with IMMEDIATUS PERFORMANCES SERIES

Temporal, Terrestrial #1, Brno

Temporal, Terrestrial #2, Athens

Temporal, Terrestrial #3, Thessalonkiki

Temporal, Terrestrial #4, Paris

Temporal, Terrestrial #5, Montreal

Temporal, Terrestrial #6, Paris

Temporal, Terrestrial #7, Athens

Temporal, Terrestrial #8, Paris