The Instrument
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Five women create a bonding by traveling through time periods, variable faces and maturing characters. Like changing seasons, the scenes on stage have their own life cycle and urgency of events. The ongoing journey undergoes a continual transformation, through which questions about femininity exist beside the shifts; female / male, handling with cliches and cultural stigmas. The characters release their 'beasts and monsters', becoming identified as one fabric, disregarding gender as a conduct order in a continuing journey of self-revealing against the forces of nature.

duration: 50 mins
choreography: Maya M. Carroll
original music score: Roy Carroll
music: Magdalena Kozena, Powermad
company: VerTeDance Company
performers: Tereza Ondrová, Lenka Bartůňková, Martina Lacová, Věra Ondrašíková, Stanislava Vlčeková
light design: Pavel Kotlík
costumes: Maya M. Carroll, Jitka Longinová
producer: Markéta Faustová
assistant producer: Anna Dynková
premiere: Ponec Theater, Prague, April 27, 2010
further performances: Calabria, Italy

from the press:
"Basically Carroll works with the polarity of the animal and cultural – which reminds us of the former choreography Dance of Canis Lupus a bit, which was worked up for VerteDance by Thomas Stayert. Even here we meet the group of women who can be a pack, a clump of molecules, protozoans as well as prehistoric monsters. The transitions between the sophisticated, plastic movement and affect leading to caricature are organic and move forward like cracks in a wall. In this connection, Carroll uses special characteristics of individual female dancers and on the other hand he manages to harmonize them into a compact dynamic unit by means of which he creates powerful images with an unambiguous atmosphere."
- Taneční zóna, May 2010, Jana Návratová

"It is pure joy watching Carroll´s perfect work with time, to watch how she builds up the rhythm of the piece by changing of tempo and light and how the dancers revel in the slowness, patiently, with lightness, only to change for a fast mode, in a very self-secure way".
- Jana Bohutínská A2, June 23rd 2010

“A strong and energetic piece. (…) A show composed with perfect expression, strong message, and flawless motion.”
- Lucie Břinková, Taneční aktuality – Dance reviews website, June 8th 2010 photos: Vojtech Brtnicky